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Welcome to - a website provided to bring you information about Angus and Coote the jewellery company. Please note that this site is NOT the official Angus and Coote site, nor is it endorsed or connected with the company.

Angus & Coote has a long and distinguished history having been formed in
Sydney, Australia in 1895. Since then, the company has positioned itself as a jewellery retailer that delivers quality, value and service with it's products. Angus & Coote stock a wide range of jewellry and giftware from diamond engagment rings to designer watches to necklaces and more. Specializing in diamonds, they can assist potential buyers with choosing the important stone for a loved one including dourcing diamonds to a budget, explaining the "4 C's" and how to care for your new purchase. In addition they provide services including alterations, cleaning, gift wrapping - anything to do with making your jewellery purchase a pleasure.

Please note: This site is not the official Angus & Coote site, nor is it endorsed by Angus & Coote. We are simply providing information on this subject. To view their site, please click here

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